7 Surefire Ways To Add Flavor When Cooking

by Thursday, March 3, 2016

Flavor makes all the difference, distinguishing a basic meal from a tasty one. Don’t settle for flat – tasting dishes, so avoid cooking without bringing the right flavor to your dish!

7 Sure Fire Ways To Build Flavor When Cooking

7 Surefire Ways To Add Flavor When Cooking

Take your cooking to the next level by learning these tips!

You just don’t cook to have something edible on your plate. You cook to give justice to your taste glands as well, and so you must cook something tasty, delicious, and flavorful. Others see cooking as just heating something until it boils, or simmers.

Be beyond that! Know how to give your dishes flavor, and make your meals crave-worthy!

1. Sear the Meat

Sear the Meat|7 Sure Fire Ways To Build Flavor When Cooking

Image via thekitchn

This tip might seem pretty basic, but this is so important to develop a heavenly depth of flavor to your meat. A proper sear is the first step in creating flavorful proteins for your dishes.

The key to a perfect steak is how it was seared. So why not learn to perfect your steak with none other than Mr.Gordon Ramsay. Check out his video for ULTIMATE COOKERY COURSE: How to Cook the Perfect Steak!


2. Deglaze the Pan

Deglaze the Pan|7 Sure Fire Ways To Build Flavor When Cooking

Image via finecooking

It might look like burnt food, but the dark layer at the bottom of your pan is actually caramelized bits of what you have been cooking. When deglazed, these bits melt and form a savory flavor base for your dish. You can learn how to deglaze perfectly here.

Don’t know how to deglaze a pan? Watch this video and find out how!


3. Caramelize the Onions

This method gives your dish depth, as well as smoky, nutty flavors – just like what deglazing and searing can do. But you need to caramelize the onions.right, otherwise you won’t be able to achieve mouthwatering flavor for your dish.

Check out this link and find out how simplyrecipe prepare this traditional side dish. I am pretty sure you will enjoy the sweetness of your homemade caramelized onion in every bite!


4. Toast the Spices

In doing this, the natural oils in the spices are brought out and it also gives off aroma for your dish. To obtain that mellow, toasty complexity, you can simply toast the spice in a small skillet.

Having this on the list reminds me of my friend who cook delicious Biryani and I remember him telling me the ways to cook one of my favorite Indian food. He toast the spices in oil to bring out the flavor and damn it is incredibly delish! Aroma and taste combined!

Feel like trying to make your weekend menu with this trick? Check out Martha Stewart’s tutorial on how to toast a spice the easiest way.


5. Salt To Taste

Salt To Taste|7 Sure Fire Ways To Build Flavor When Cooking

Image via domesticate-me

Salt helps in reducing our perception of bitterness in dishes. It will give a difference to your dish, whether subtly or in a very noticeable way.

Did you know that there are 6 kinds of salt in the world? Want to know what they are and their uses? Check out this link and find out!


6. Add acidic and spicy ingredients

Add acidic and spicy ingredients|7 Sure Fire Ways To Build Flavor When Cooking

Image via blueapron

Lemons and vinegar also enhance the taste of your dish if you seem to feel there is a lack of “something”. Also, bring in some spice to accentuate your recipe. Acidic ingredients are one of the cooking hacks.

Having a hard time distinguishing herbs or spices from the other? Check here the Quick Guide to Every Herb and Spice in the Cupboard by thekitchn.


7. Add a splash of wine

Add a splash of wine|7 Sure Fire Ways To Build Flavor When Cooking

Image via mensjournal

Adding wine to your dish can do wonders and grant flavor. There are specific wines to use for a specific dish. Make to get the right one.

Never tried to cook with wine before? Watch this video from THEGRAPE and learn 5 helpful tips which you have to consider before cooking with wine.


Did you find this blog helpful? Try to use some of the tricks and let us know how it makes wonder to your dish in the comment box below.


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