21 Bestselling Wicked Good Cupcakes – You’ll Forget Your Diet

by Wednesday, July 20, 2016

These wicked good cupcakes are simply a delight to both the eye and the palate. Wicked Good Cupcakes is a growing cake company and their mouth-watering masterpieces are presented in a very clever way. Read on and find out what their best sellers are.

21 Bestselling Wicked Good Cupcakes – You’ll Forget Your Diet

The 21 Tastiest Treats-In-A-Jar Flavors from Wicked Good Cupcakes for Your Next Cheat Day

You will quickly follow this post if you’re a fan of both cupcakes and the TV show Shark Tank. This mother-daughter cake business became unstoppable in shipping cupcake jars nationwide when one of the show’s sharks nicknamed Mr. Wonderful, decided to invest in them. Their products were selling like pancakes and everything in their success, as they say, was history.

Their strategic packaging involves a jar that contains a cupcake and a half, with the spoon and the cover already provided. I feel like I get to buy more than just one cupcake goodness for the price of one. All this talk over a cupcake jar led me to invite my girls to go on a road trip to one of their closest stores this weekend. And I simply can’t wait to get a jar of my own!

Feast your eyes on their best cakes in this list taken straight from Wicked Good Cupcakes’ website, Twitter, and IG accounts. And while you’re at it, follow me on Twitter and Instagram, too! 🙂

1. Chocolate Lab Cupcake

Next to diamonds, chocolate is a girl’s best friend. This will definitely be the first one in my line-up. I hope they haven’t run out of it when we get there! 🙂

2. Vanilla Birthday Cupcake

The multi-colored sprinkles are already shouting out, time to party! To be honest, I will gladly throw an actual party in exchange with one bite from this cupcake.


3. Chocolate Overload Cupcake

The chocolate overload wicked good cupcake is another chocolate that came out victorious from this list. Why? Because chocolates are not only a girl’s best friend, they are a child’s first love, too.


4. Tiramisu Cupcake

Being one of my favorite cakes, I am looking forward to tasting one of these babies. And judging from how delicious they look, I know I won’t be left disappointed. I hope! 🙂


5. Cinnamon Spiced Gingerbread Cupcake

A slight spicy flavor is a nice distraction from everything that is sweet. With this Cinnabon and Wicked Good Cupcakes collaboration, this piece of heaven is now available for us to enjoy.


6. Salted Caramel Cashew Turtle Brownie Jar

This nutty and caramelized cake jar is nothing but perfect. It looks so tempting and so good, I want to grab it out from the computer monitor right now.


7. Neopolitan Cupcake

What eye candy this cupcake-in-a-jar is. Strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla in one stack will be an explosion of sweetness, for sure.


8. Lemon Suprise Cupcake

I would hardly describe my favorite dessert as being sunny nor citrus, but these adjectives fit perfectly to my sister’s dessert preference. Oh man, is she a lemon monster! Putting this on my to-buy list for her right now.


9.  Mr. Wonderful’s Cookie Butter Cupcake

Cookie butter hogging is legal in all states, so no crime will be committed if you eat three of them in a row, right? Looking forward to an overdose of this.


10. Fudge Brownie with Mint Chocolate Ganache Cupcake

The sound of its name makes me think that a candy cane will not be far from its taste. Minty and chocolatey, this one will surely sweep my husband off of his feet!


11. Red Velvet Cupcake

This will surely be a perfect pairing to a cup of coffee or hot tea. With frosting in between, every spoonful will probably be a perfect mouthful every time.


12. Strawberry Lemon Cupcake

Strawberry and lemon are not an unlikely couple so I’m excited to know as to how wickedly good cupcakes make their own version of these bad boys. But I know my sister will gobble this one up without giving a second thought.


13. Gimme S’more Cupcake

This is the perfect snack to share over scary stories at a campfire cookout. But whoever said that it’s the only time we should enjoy them?


14. Blueberry Cheesecake Cupcake

My eldest daughter is a sucker for cheesecakes. I’m bringing home one of these for her.


15. Apple Crumble Cupcake

This apple crumble cupcake will perfectly fit right in your diet regimen since apple has a reputation of scaring doctors away. 🙂 But in my case, I think I’ll be visiting my doctor more often than before. Because I know I won’t be able to stop myself from having more than one of these goodies a day. Just kidding! 🙂


16. Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcake

Another fruity cheesecake for my little girl. I can only imagine her jumping for joy when she sees me coming home with her favorite cheesecakes-in-a-jar this weekend. She will figuratively explode of happiness for sure.


17. Sea Salted Caramel Cupcake

Odd but charmingly beautiful. This is how I describe a caramel and salt combination, but I have to say this one looks as good as I imagine one would be.


18. Pecan Pie Flavored Cupcake

Having its own group of followers, a pecan pie is a peculiar yet amazing cupcake. And they even have a day named after it. Nice!


19. Cookies and Cream Cupcake

19. Cookies and Cream Cupcake | 21 Bestselling Wicked Good Cupcakes - You'll Forget Your Diet

Image via reallifestl

Cookies and cream is known to be a crowd pleaser. And to stay true to how marvelous the reviews of Wicked Good Cupcakes are, I have taken one source from one of their fans. Check out Jessica’s full review here.


20. Apple Caramel Streusel Cupcake

Remember what I said about apples earlier? 🙂 Well, this time, it’s got caramel.  It seems like my doctor and I are going to be pretty close friends, very soon.


21. Natalie’s 24 Karate Kake Cupcake

The famous cake that got the sharks from the tv show craving for more. I have to try one of these!


Here’s a video clip from the Kris Jenner Show shared by tandsnoonan where Wicked Good Cupcakes showed us exactly how it’s done:

I have already canceled everything that might come between me and these wicked good cupcakes. My kids and my husband are already halfway done with their list of cupcake favorites too. It seems like this will be a sweet dessert weekend month for the family by the time I get home. 🙂


Would you like to know more cake recipes? Swing your way here now!


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