Cooking Lessons | 9 Appetizing Picnic Recipes For A Great Outdoor Meal

by Sunday, May 1, 2016

It’s spring again!… And people everywhere are busting out their wicker baskets and blankets for the picnic. So if you’re planning a little extra organization and panache for your picnicking adventure, consider these 9 fresh and appetizing spring picnic recipes for your great outdoor meals.


9 Appetizing Picnic Recipes For A Great Outdoor Meal

Have The Most Fun Throughout The Spring Season And Enjoy These Scrumptious Picnic Recipes

Everyone is waiting for the arrival of spring every year. One of the best thing to do this time of the year is to have a picnic, enjoying outdoors and soaking up the fresh cool weather we are blessed with.

And, no picnic is complete without refreshing drinks, fresh fruits, and delicious snacks. So, to make sure that your family picnic is not an unorganized flop, make sure to check out these recipes below and get ready to have some fun.


1. Sriracha potato Salad

Bacon Sriracha potato Salad | 9 Appetizing Picnic Recipes For A Great Outdoor Meal

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Sriracha and bacon are the best combinations when it comes to potato salads. This zesty mouthwatering dish is seriously one of the crowd pleasers. Find the recipe here.


2. Picnic Salami Sandwiches

A great sandwich for a great picnic. This is so quick and so easy to make,  it is such a delicious snack to enjoy at your picnic. Click here for the recipe.


3. Trisha Yearwood’s Cream Cheese Roll-ups (a.k.a. Redneck Sushi)

These are the delectable bite-sized party pinwheels layered with cream cheese, salsa, and green onions. It looks just appetizing as it sounds. to get the recipe, click here to get the recipe.


4. Spicy Garlic and Cheese Corn Served on a Stick

This recipe is super delicious and perfect for a picnic. It’s a unique way to enjoy a corn on a cob. Click here for this recipe.


5. Banana Pecan Bread

Picnics are not complete without dessert. This banana pecan bread is just perfect to complete any meal, its aroma is so delicious, and, it’s crunchy outer layer crust and yummy buttery soft  inside. To get the recipe, click here.


6. Mini Cherry Pies

These cute little treats are fantastic and it looks so adorable. Mini cherry pies are the new cupcakes and they will sure be enjoyed by kids of all ages. For the recipe, click here.


7. Smashed Chickpea Salad Sandwich

This is absolutely the best sandwich for a growing family, It’s simple to make and healthy as well. Great meal to bring to a picnic. To get the recipe, click here.


8. Mixed Berry Salad in Lemon Balm Honey Syrup

The Lemon balm leaves convey a very strong lemony aroma which complements well with the sweetness of honey. And, a few drops of lemon juice is all that takes to bring this salad to stardom. So, if you’re planning a healthy appetizer for your picnic, this is a perfect recipe for you. Click here for the recipe.


9. White Peach Balsamic Punch

This is a very refreshing drink to bring to a picnic. It’s so simple to make, just dump, chill, and pour, and you’ll have a fabulous thirst quenching drink for your picnic. Click here for the recipe.


You can watch this video for DIY spring picnic ideas (Food and Outfits):


The best part of having a picnic is that you can share these fabulous recipes with family and friends. We cherish the moments of fun and laughs, togetherness, and most of all, delicious food.


So it’s better to plan ahead and go through your arsenal of recipes for your picnic menu so that your family and friends will definitely enjoy.


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